Guys And Dollies

Bloomington Ship-To-School

Indiana University mailrooms do not accept packages during the summer. To help new students with this restriction, freshmen living in residence halls receive a 40% discount per package!

Using our Ship-To-School service, students can send items over the summer to store at our Bloomington storage warehouse. If you have stuff already in storage, we'll group everything together. Otherwise, we'll start a new order for you.

Do your back-to-school shopping over the summer!

Don't wait until you get to Bloomington to start your back-to-school shopping. Avoid the crowds and lines during welcome week! Starting after move-out week, you can buy items online, send them to our warehouse, and we will store them until August. Then, you can reserve a 2 hour arrival window during August move-in and we'll deliver them to your new campus address!

Ship your stuff to Bloomington ahead of time!

Don't try and fly with huge bags or pay expensive airline bag check fees for over-sized luggage. Just ship your items to our warehouse and reserve your delivery window online. Everything will be stored in our in our Bloomington storage warehouse until you get to campus! We'll even bring the packages directly into your room, no mailroom involved!

Where do I send my packages?

Please include the student’s first and last name on the item. Please ship items to:

Step 1: Send items to our Bloomington storage facility
Guys and Dollies LLC
<customer name>
5233 S. Old State Road 37
Bloomington, Indiana 47401

*Please make sure our warehouse received the items at least 10 days before the start of classes.

Step 2: Reserve an August arrival window

If you don't have items already in summer storage, you should reserve a new delivery arrival window on the website. If you already have items in storage, book your normal summer storage delivery and we'll deliver your ship-to-school items at the same time. August arrival windows are typically released around July 1. If you have an account, you'll automatically receive an email notification when it's time to reserve an arrival window!

Easy, per-item pricing!

There is an initial fee of $50, no matter how many packages you send to our warehouse. After that, just add the cost of each package we receive. Storage until August and free delivery to your room are included in ship-to-school service. Because we charge on a per-item basis, you'll only pay for the space you use!

Initial Fee (charged once per summer, no matter how many items sent) $50

Summer 2024 Prices (per-package charges added on top of initial fee)
Freshmen living in residence halls receive a 40% discount on the prices listed below!

Boxes and Bags

Envelopes/Mailers $10
Small Package
(longest dimension < 20")
Medium Package
(longest dimension between 20"-24")
Large Package
(longest dimension > between 24"-36")
X-Large Package
(longest dimension > 36")
Overweight Fee
(> 50lbs)

Special Items

Small Carpet/Rug
(3'x4' or smaller)
Medium Carpet/Rug
(5'x7' or smaller)
Large Carpet/Rug
(8'x10' or smaller)
XL Carpet/RugM
(larger than 8'x10')
Boxed Mattress $60
Un-Boxed Mattress $75
Non-Sectional Couch $145
Sectional Couch
(per section)
Assembled Futon $100
Assembled Tall Dresser $65
Assembled Long Dresser $75
Other Un-Boxed Furniture
(typically delivered from local stores)
Ikea Bed Frame, all boxes
(Ikea, chill out! You don't need so many boxes!)

Every time we receive an item to our Bloomington storage facility, we'll add it to an invoice on your account. Once we've received everything you've sent, you can log into your acocunt and make one single payment.

Towards the end of the summer, due to the high volume of packages, it may take us a couple of days to process received packages. Invoices for ship-to-school service must be paid prior to delivery, and for many shipments this will be before the end of the normal 30-day payment period.

Please note that Guys and Dollies does not assemble new items that are shipped to us.