Guys And Dollies

Packing Tips

1. Allow enough time to pack your belongings.

Packing all the stuff collected over an entire school year can be very tedious and take much longer than expected. This is especially true at the end of the year when finals and other end of the year priorities can take up much of your time.

Start packing early!

Leave at least a FULL day to complete the process. Our movers have very busy schedules and expect all items to be packed and labeled with your name when they arrive. Please schedule your arrival window well before any other appointments, exams, or airport shuttle pickup times. After the moving process is complete, keep in mind that there are often other requirements such as cleaning, key returns, final inspections that need to be completed before you leave.

2. Label all of you packages

All packages must have your name affixed somewhere visible. Some packages, like boxes, you can write on directly. For other items, you can use the removable labels and tags found in your supply kits.

3. Heavy items should be distributed among different boxes

It is strongly recommended that items such as textbooks should be split evenly between the different boxes. Please note that there are extra fees for boxes that exceeds 70lbs. Shipping boxes that exceed 70lbs will also be assessed with additional charges depending on dimensions, weights, and destination.

4. Pack electronics and fragile items carefully

Please make sure that you purchase bubble wrap for your fragile items. For less fragile items, you can use well-wrapped clothes, linens, or newspapers for protection. Guys and Dollies provides all customers with with packing paper in your supply kit. Packing paper can be used to protect the surface of an item. Bubble wrap should be purchased to protect the structure of an item.

5. Clean and defrost microwaves and refrigerators

Even the slightest bit of leftover food can start mold growth in a sealed refigerator compartment, so please make sure to clean the inside of your appliances carefully. Please do not leave any packages of food inside, even if they are sealed.

There is a $50 fee for refrigerators that have not been defrosted or completely cleaned.

We apologize for this high fee, we pride outselves on limiting extra fees, but dirty refrigerators put the cleanliness of the warehouse at risk. Keep in mind that these items are being stored for four months, so be sure to remove any food or liquid residue, and you'll thank yourself at delivery.

6. We store almost everything, except...

Do not store perishable foods, liquids, illegal drugs, or any other items listed in the Guys and Dollies Terms and Conditions. Damage to other customer's belongings due to storage of these items will be your responsibility. While instances of extreme damage are rare, ruptured bottles of laundry detergent and cleaning supplies in particular can cause damage to the other items stored nearby.