Guys And Dollies

Bloomington Moving Service

For customers moving within Bloomington, Guys and Dollies has a move-only service that doesn't include storage. If you do not see an appointment available on our website, please email your local office for a custom appointment. We are open every day during the summer, and can create a custom appointments for moving in Bloomington that fit in your schedule.

*Unfortunately, our Bloomington moving service does not provide long-distance moving services and cannot make exceptions.

No extra fees!

The pricing for our Bloomington moving service is as simple as possible, and is charged based on an hourly rate that starts when the movers arrive and ends when they finish (1.5 hour minimum). Unlike typical Bloomington movers, we do not charge for mileage or fuel, and our movers' time does not begin until we arrive at your location.

Our movers are incentivized to finish quickly!

Our truck routes are put together to ensure that each move is completed in a timely fashion. You will not catch our Bloomington movers endlessly folding moving blankets and sweeping out the truck to extend the time and increase the charges.

Don't have enough room when you move in?

Sometimes when students move in together, they have too much stuff for the new house or apartment. If everything won't fit in your new location, you can move some items to our Bloomington storage warehouse using our long-term storage service. Simply let your movers know, and they can bring some items back to the warehouse with them.

Free supplies, delivered to you!

Guys and Dollies is also the only Bloomington moving service that provides free boxes and a large, complimentary supply kit of packing material, to make sure you are completely prepared for your appointment. We have worked for more than a decade to ensure that we are providing our customers with quality supplies. From double-walled, extra-sturdy boxes to industrial bubble wrap, we will deliver all the tools you need directly to your door.

Competitive Pricing For Bloomington Moving!

During most of the year, our pricing is $135/hr for a two-mover crew and $202.50/hr for a three-mover crew with a minimum of 1 hour. Crew size is determined by employee availability. Moving services are not available during finals week or the week before school begins. April and August may have special rates due to extremely high demand. Call or email the local office for more information.

A refundable pre-payment of $135 will be due prior to appointment. The refundable pre-payment will be refunded (minus processing fees) if you cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance, otherwise it will be subtracted from the total moving costs.