Guys And Dollies

Abroad Storage in Bloomington, Indiana

Guys and Dollies provides abroad storage in Bloomington for students who are studying abroad or have an internship. Typically, this service is used as an extension of summer storage, so students either store second semester and summer, or summer and first semester.

Keep your stuff in storage as long as you need!

Please read "Storage" or "How It Works" tabs for a detailed guide of our storage process. No additional steps are needed for extra abroad storage, simply email the Indiana University office ( ahead of your appointment to let them know and tell the movers at your pick up appointment. We will store your items as many terms as you want and can even ship everything to a new address, if needed. We use a local Bloomington storage facility, so you can request a delivery of your storage any time by notifying the office.

Simple pricing built around students!

Our abroad storage prices in Bloomington are divided into three terms: summer, first semester, and second semester. Each one of these terms costs the same amount as the normal Bloomington storage prices (summer storage), which you can find on our pricing page. Each term will be billed when Indiana University classes begin (first semester, second semester, and summer session I).

But, wait! Our long-term storage customers receive the best discounts!

Customers receive a $40 discount every term after the first term. Students storing items for an entire year (3 sessions or longer) and large-volume orders are eligible for large discounts as much as 50%! Email your local Indiana University office ( for more information.