Guys And Dollies

Abroad Storage in Bloomington, Indiana

Guys and Dollies provides storage in Bloomington during the school year for students who are studying abroad, have an internship, or need to take a semester off. This service is available independently or in addition to your summer storage, and you can extend your storage period at any time.

Simple pricing built around students!

Our pricing is split into three terms: first semester, second semester, and summer. Each one of these terms costs the same amount as the normal Bloomington storage prices (summer storage), which can be found at our pricing page. This means that during the spring and fall semesters, you will receive additional storage time for free! Each term will be billed when Indiana University classes begin (first semester, second semester, and summer session I).

Summer Term Fall Term Spring Term
May - Beginning of School Year September - Beginning of Second Semester December - End of Second Semester

But, wait! Our long-term storage customers receive the best discounts!

Customers receive a $125 discount (discounted Base Storage Fee) during the second term. Students storing items for an entire year (3 sessions or longer) and large-volume orders are eligible for large discounts as much as half-off! Email your local office for details.

Keep your stuff in storage as long as you need!

We recommend you take a look at the "Storage" or "How It Works" tabs to read a detailed description of the steps in our storage process. No extra steps are needed to extend your storage in Bloomington for additional terms, simply email your local office ahead of your appointment to let them know or tell your movers at the appointment. We will store your items as many terms as you want, and can even ship everything to a new address, if needed.

Get a fresh start for second semester!

Giving us some storage at the end of first semester or beginning of second semester allows you to de-clutter your room! Our long-term storage service isn't just for students studying abroad. You can store things from January all the way until August if you just need them next school year. Each semester students collect a lot of extra stuff that they shouldn't throw away but might need later like books, notes, and study guides.

Have a box delivered and put them into storage!

You might need your old books and notes for future classes, but that doesn't mean you have to store them in your room! Let us take your stuff to our warehouse, and we can group it with the rest of your storage later in the Spring. Because we use a Bloomington storage facility, we can get stuff out of storage any time, just in case you need it!