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DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR PROPERTY’S LISTING?  It’s simple, and completely free!  All we need is to link-up with you (literally!)  Just put a link to our website and a short description on your property’s blog or website, and we’ll upgrade your Bloomington rental property to a Premium Listing.  more information



WHO RECEIVES OUR HOUSING GUIDE?  Guys and Dollies is a Bloomington storage and moving company exclusively for students at Indiana University.  After more than 12 years of working at off-campus properties, we realized that we are familiar with ALL of the local rental opportunities.  So, we decided to publish a directory of apartments in Bloomington so that we could share our knowledge.

Our Bloomington Apartment Directory is promoted to thousands of our customers each Fall.  The vast majority of these readers will be actively looking for off-campus Bloomington rental options starting Sophomore year.  Upgrade your listing today for free to attract extra attention from potential future residents!



WHO IS PUBLISHING THE GUIDE?  Guys and Dollies is the exclusive storage partner of the Indiana University Residence Hall Association and we’ve been working together for more than a decade to improve logistics for move-in and move-out.



Our services are exclusively for students and include storage, shipping, and local moving in Bloomington, Indiana.




A basic listing will provide some limited information about your property, including address, price range, available options, and whether transportation is provided to campus.  More information and website links can be included with our free premium listing.


Example basic listing:

The Bloomington Apartments – $$
1000 Hoosier Street
Bloomington, IN 47401
1BR, 2BR, fully-furnished options available
    *free shuttle to campus


Basic listings do not include website links, phone numbers, email addresses, map links, descriptions, or photos.




To get a premium listing, all you have to do is add our link and short description to your blog or website.  Our premium listings have extra benefits including a website link, email address, phone number, map link, short paragraph about your property, and a photo.

Not only will your listing be more visible in our Bloomington Apartment Guide, but you will also receive backlinks to your own site.  This will improve your search engine rankings and provide potential residents with an easy way to get leasing information.


NOT SURE HOW TO MAKE A GOOD LISTING?  We’re happy to help you create effective content to help your listing be noticed!   more information


Example premium listing:

The Bloomington Apartments – $$


The Bloomington Apartments are the most luxurious student housing in Bloomington.  With easy access to campus, shopping, and entertainment, you can’t find a better place to live this year!  Leases included access to a private gym, swimming pool, and many other amenities.


1000 Hoosier Street
Bloomington, IN 47401

1BR, 2BR, fully-furnished options available
    *free shuttle to campus




  • Contact information included in listing
  • Premium lists are more visible than basic listings
  • Include property amenities, benefits, or advantages with a short description
  • Submit a photo
  • Improve your search engine ranking with a backlink from




Simply include a short description and link on your property’s blog or website.


Guys and Dollies is the easiest option for storage in Bloomington, Indiana.  Services include storage, shipping, and local moving in Bloomington.  Open every day throughout the summer, and service includes free pick up, free delivery, and free packing supplies.  Sign up today for hassle-free storage in Bloomington at!

*Please notice that the link in above has been applied to the words “storage in Bloomington, Indiana” and will take you to if you click on those words.  This is the preferred format for including links to our website. We can help you create a link in this format, just let us know!



For more information or to arrange a premium listing, please email us at

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